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Affiliate Marketing Without a Website For Beginners

Building a Website is a costly and long-time project. Most affiliate marketers try to skip the part of website building to generate more ROI. And without a website, it is more complicated to engage your audience. Also, without a website marketing is more challenging, but it’s not impossible. Affiliate marketing is a partnership between a company and a marketer. Basically, a company shears some offers to sell its product for recurring revenue. And the marketers find the offers to sell the products to earn some commission. They earn a commission on every sale or by sending traffic to the website. So what you have to know is marketing and be affiliated with a company that offers a good product to sell. For beginners making a website is difficult. You can follow the content below to promote your products without a website.

Requirements for Becoming an Affiliate Marketer?

The affiliate marketer’s primary goal is to find out the demanding individuals and send the right offer. And keeping a balance between your customer demand and what your offers provide. Now you need a good traffic source and a good affiliate program.

How you can sell your product without a website? There are a lot of ways to make a good sell of your product. In the beginning, you’ve to work harder like every successful affiliate marketer. It is always a thread to choose the correct product to advertise. Also, need a good amount of quality traffic sources. And it’s not enough to sell your product. You need a creative way or strategy to generate more traffic and turn them into customers. Advertise your offer on a blog site, Social media platform and forum site, etc.

You can generate profits by advertising your product on this platform. This is all you need to start affiliate marketing. Now let’s convert your audience into customers. Choose many as you can. Choosing a single platform can be harder to earn a good commission. Before you apply the strategy, you should have a demanding audience. And also you’ve to create good content to communicate with the customer. Content could be an article, Poster, Banner, or video. It helps your customer to understand what you’re providing. This is the basics of every campaign you start.

Here are the 10 ways to promote your offers with Affiliate Marketing

1. Solo Ads 2. Posting Online Communities and Forums
3. Create a Viral eBook 4. YouTube Channel
5. PPC Marketing 6. Harnessing the Power of Social Media
7. Using Content Publishing Platforms to Your Advantage 8. Retargeting is Effective
9. Email Marketing 10. Offline Pay per Call Marketing Program
Marketing Strategy

1. Solo Ads

Simply, solo ads are email marketing done by other people on the target audience. Solo advertising is one of the finest ways to reach a large audience. Solo ads allow you to target specific audiences by using other people’s email lists. With this type of marketing, you can advertise your product without a website. How do solo ads work? Think you’ve selected a niche in the Sports industry. You’ve signed up and promoting your affiliate products on

Affiliate Marketing

Now look for sports influencers who allow solo advertisements in their email marketing. And the influencers will charge for advertising on their email list. This means you have to pay the influencer from your commission. Then you have to choose a more likewise offer. Independent promotion will not give you 100% quality traffic. So you have to calculate how much you investing and earning. That is called keeping balancing in ROI (Return of Investment). Avoid choosing a long-term agreement with the influencers.

2. Posting on Online Communities and Forums

Sometimes, the best method is about as immediate as expected. The internet becomes easier for similar individuals to collaborate with each other. First, you have to find your product demanding a similar individual group page. You’ll find them on Facebook groups and forum sites. Reddit is a popular platform for a similar individuals. Create your subreddit page on Reddit, and start the topic on your demanding products. When the discussion grows start marketing your affiliate links. Reddit has a lot of rules. Be sure before posting or sharing the link you permitted. if you’re permitted to post then join the group and start posting. The more you contribute, the more user will trust you. One thing you have to understand on the forum site you can’t post with a newly registered account. You’ve to gain their trust by contributing to get permitted to post.

3. Create a Viral eBook

This epic marketing strategy of 2022. Find a popular topic and write an eBook on the topic. Make sure its content is clear and understandable. Choosing a topic can be anything. From sport, health, or a popular hashtag on social media have value to the customer. Embed your affiliated offer link in the eBook to generate sales. If the content in the book is good readers will enjoy and click the link and may be converted into customers. Find out the popular subject using google trends there is no alternative. After finding the subject start writing your book. Then start promoting your book on social media or eBook-sharing sites to download. You can upload your book on amazon.

4. YouTube Channel

The most popular website on the internet is YouTube. Over 2.6 Billion people are using YouTube. So it’s the most popular page to find traffic. So if you don’t have a website it doesn’t matter now. To engage the traffic, you need a YouTube channel, and it’s free. Now create a channel and create some content then start promoting affiliate links. A lot of content creators use the same method to increase their revenue. Now you can too.

Affiliate Marketing in youtube

5. PPC Marketing

PPC is Pay Per Click. This means you have to pay the advertiser when someone clicks on your affiliated link. You can get immediate results with PPC marketing. So you should think about it. One-third of internet users are using Facebook and Google. Google and Facebook are the best places to start your PPC advertising for your affiliate link. You must keep a balance in ROI.

6. Harnessing the Power of Social Media

Social Media is a platform where people express their self. 4.62 billion people are people using social. So this is the best place to find your product-demanding customer. Now Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are growing their users. Posting direct links Instagram doesn’t allow. You can post it in your bio description. Facebook also doesn’t like an affiliated link. Use URL Shortener ( before posting. Some social media allow you to create pages and groups and use tracking tools. Your affiliated product Promoting on social media is the best choice.

7. Using Content Publishing Platforms to Your Advantage

Article and blog publishing platforms are also the most popular. You can target a demanding audience by publishing articles like I’m targeting you. And it’s the oldest method. So you don’t have a website thinking about how you will publish the article. Here are two of the most popular content publishing platforms Medium and Steemit. This platform has over 100 million readers. Lot of amazing tools you can use to track your work. And you can promote your affiliate link with the article. But there is a rule for both platforms you have to your viewer that the link is affiliated. Why worry find a topic start writing then promote your links.

8. Retargeting is Effective

Re-targeting customer is essential. During a visit to your affiliate link and don’t buy anything focusing on them. Advertising to the re-targeted audience will grow your click rate ten times higher. Use tracing tools to track the user. it is traditional ad placement. That helps you to generate your recurring revenue. You will find this type of option on Facebook. Increase your sales now.

9. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most successful ways to promote your business. you should include it in your marketing list. Marketing with email can directly send traffic to your affiliated product page. There is no need for any website just need email lists to send the offer to customers. There are a lot of sites that are selling email lists. Collect the email lists and design your mail template with an affiliated link then send. You can collect email by sign-up a service provider and building your own email list. To make the audience sign-up, you have to offer something free. It can be a free guide, ebook, or course. Increase your sign-ups and build your mail lists.

10.  Using Offline Efforts – Pay per Call Affiliate Marketing Program

Selling products through phone calls is more productive internet. Today lot of companies are started selling their product through phone calls. You’ve to collect a phone call-based affiliate program that will pay you for calls. Now target your product demanding customers then advertise on phone calls campaign. that means you only have to pay when someone calls. Google one of those sites you advertise for calls only. Converting your audience to customers with phones will provide you high selling rate.

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Affiliate Marketing

Without a website, affiliate marketing will be tough. The above content is basic only. Every marketing has a big plan and its own strategies. We will come soon with in-depth details.

Let us know how you get benefited from this content and what you need. Your valuable feedback will encourage us to write more.

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